[This space was formerly occupied by a series of 12 articles and 6 illustrations (pictures of pages of the Wasz diaries) originally published elsewhere in December '97 and January '98. They were removed from this site on Tuesday, August 20, 2002, for reasons explained below. The notice below was posted on the internet newsgroup on the morning of August 19.]

    On Sunday I received an e-mail from Joseph Farah, CEO of the "netazine" WorldNetDaily. He was complaining that I had republished, without his permission, copyrighted material that he had originated, and ordered me to remove it in 48 hours or face legal action. Well, I am just an ordinary stiff, like you, and I do not relish talking to Farah's lawyers -- especially when he is probably in the right. So, I will remove the material that offends him (or someone) by Tuesday night at 9:00 pm [PDT]. If you have an interest in it, you had best download it promptly. I have my own ideas about the significance of these twelve WorldNetDaily articles by David Bresnahan, you may have different ideas, but in any event I think it is your right to read the articles yourself and make up your own mind.

    The material at issue is the result of interviews that Bresnahan did with California convict, Bill Wasz. It was Wasz, you may recall, who stole Barbieri's Four-Runner in January 1994, and was apprehended shortly later in a gun battle with police. Police recovered from the car Wasz' diary in which he detailed stalking Nicole a few days before he stole Barbieri's car. In the interviews, Wasz claims that he was working for Kardashian when he stalked Nicole (and photographed her with another man, and also when he stole Barbieri's car), and says that Kardashian offered to hire him to murder Nicole (in January or February 1994), but that Wasz thought Kardashian was setting him up to take the fall, and so he double-crossed Kardashian first. That's his story, and the articles contain details that tend to support it. (Also, the stalking diary contained unlisted phone numbers of some of the principals, indicating that Wasz really did have some connection to, or intimate knowledge of, them in January 1994.)

    It is odd that our web site would just now come to the attention of Joseph Farah; that material has been on our site for three-and-a-half years. It is also odd that he should get so bent out of shape about our republishing his stuff; it is hardly a "scoop" at this late date, and our non-commercial site attracts fewer than 100 hits a day (mostly return visitors) -- small potatoes, I hope, for WorldNetDaily. Finally, we have given full and frequent credit to WorldNetDaily and Bresnahan in our publication, so if they are proud of their work, our small presentation of it only contributes to their fame. (I have praised both the publication and the reporter in my writing.) For these reasons, it would be surprising to me if Farah is making this demand for his own rational reasons.

    On the other hand, a couple of months ago I received an unsolicited e-mail from a woman in the mid-West who complained of my suspicions about Kardashian in articles on our site. I established an e-mail correspondence with her, and was conciliatory on the subject of Kardashian. She had known Kardashian personally before the crimes and also had known several other people whose names are familiar to Simpson-case students; she said that she maintained an occasional e-mail correspondence with Kardashian. She said that she was coming to LA in the second week of August, and asked if we could meet; I agreed and met her (and her husband) for coffee on Friday, August 9, at a restaurant in Sherman Oaks. In that conversation, she said that she had had breakfast with Kardashian the previous Wednesday.

    Now, 9 days after meeting her, and 11 days after she met with Kardashian I get a demand to take down from my web site material that is critical (if you believe Wasz) of Kardashian. After it has been there for 3-1/2 years without any complaint. If you think this is only a coincidence, I've got some fine Florida lakefront property for sale.

    Anyway, if you think you may ever want to see what Wasz actually said, you had better go get these articles quick: . It is in "The Bresnahan Series" under the section BILL WASZ near the bottom of the table of contents. The presentation there includes graphic facsimiles of six actual pages from the Wasz diary.

    --dick wagner

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