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The Rockingham Layout*



The Popular Concept*
          (Factual history through the preliminary hearing.)

The Main Idea
          (The thesis of this web site.)

The Bundy Murder Scenario
          (A speculative scenario.)


Blood on the Step (pt.1)*
          (Why was the spill down the first riser so wide, relative to the blood pool above?)

Blood on the Step (pt.2)*
          (An experiment to understand the implications of the first step.)

Blood on the Step (pt.3)*
          (Nicole's posture when throat slit: kneeling over first step. More.)

Condo Layout*
          (Murder scene,back wall, exterior and interior layout.)

Blood on Goldman's Clothes*
          (Analysis shows Goldman as not erect when butchered.)

Goldman's cause of Death*
          (Stab wounds came after butchery, were immediate cause of death.)

Finite spreading rate of Blood Pool*
          (2 minutes elapsed before it was big enough for a whole shoe to step in.)

Agapanthus Illumination*
          (Where were the lights/shadows on the steps and Nicole's body?)

River of Blood*
          (Analysis of the blood patterns on the front walk.)

Tracking in Blood (Reflow into Voids)*
          (Pattern of reflow into the blood pool voids - Simpson did not leave soon after pools formed)

Tracking in Blood (Reflow into Edges)*
         (Crime scene pix show simpson stepped in blood pools more than 20 minutes after they formed.)

Field Investigations                                                                                 

Tooling around Brentwood
         (Time from Heidstra's sighting to Shively's: 2 min.)

Bundy and San Vicente
          (Situation conforms to Shively's description.)

Goldman's Last Trip
          (Time from Goldman's front door to Nicole's gate: 5 min.)


Pink Light*
(Very difficult for Aaronson/Mandel to see bloody paw prints by streetlight.)

Agapanthus and Cap*
          (Cap bounces off plant twice as often that it falls through.)

Agapanthus Photos*
          (Plant is delicate and would show signs if struggle had passed by it.)

Blood on Concrete*
          (Riske could not have determined that 5 drops were "fresh". )

Glodman's last free Minutes*
          (Goldman could not have arrived at the scene before 10:09.)

A falling drop of Blood*
          (The splatter of the drops in the five-drop trail are consistent with 6' man slouching.)


Who heard the Dog?*
          (Dog was barking in alley at 10;18 or 10:23; all witnesses good.)

What did Allan Park see?*
          (Park's observations of Bronco at Rockingham are explained.)

One Man, One Trip*
          (Stride analysis of man in Bruno Magli shoes.)

It Ain't the Astrodome*
          (Detailed, illustrated timeline of the deduced murder process.)

Five Minutes in Rockingham House*
         (What Simpson did from entry at 10:55 to exit at about 11:00.)

Cell Phone Records
         (What might have been learned by looking at Westside cell phone records?)

View From The Rockingham Gate*
          (Simpson tarried by his front gate upon returning from Bundy -- probably to look for the limo.)

Discussion of the Evidence                                                                     

Blood on the Sock
         (How it got there, below the shoe top.)

Blue Black Fibers
         (Not likely from Simpson's sweatsuit.)

Four Wisps of Blood
         (How they got there, why not later seen.)

"Threatening Wounds" to Goldman
          (What was he threatened to do?)

Simpson's Keys
          (Did he have Nicole's key that night? Did he have it with him at Bundy?)

Where K2 Waited*
          (How the crime could unfold so silently.)

Carotid Fixation
          (A novel but determined way to render Nicole unconcious. Don't try this at home!)

The Chiquita Caper*
          (A discarded fruit label sticker was found by the front gate post.)

Bleeding Rate at Bundy
          (The irregular spacing of drops in the five drop trail is explained.)

Physical Abuse*
          (Simpson's physical abuse toward Nicole.)

The 911 Beef
          (Details and analysis of the 911 tape.)

Heel Print on Second Step
          (Detail of Simpson's entry into the crime scene.)

The Left Hand Glove
          (The killer did not “lose the left hand glove in the struggle with Goldman.”)

Simpson's Back Walkway*
          (The situation behind Simpson's house - and Kato's wall - is throughly described.)

Blood Drops at Rockingham*
          (A collection of photos showing location of blood drops and other details at Rockingham)


Pilnak/Fenjves Contradiction
         (One heard a dog's "plaintive wail", the other didn't.)

Aaronson/Mandel Experience
          (They passed by Bundy/ Dorothy; didn't see or hear dog; didn't see body or paw prints.)

Mezzaluna and the Glasses*
         (Juditha didn't "lose" her glasses; they were purloined/planted. )

Heidstra's Testimony
         (Heidstra heard "something"; Cocheran's idea was the murder happening is unlikely.)

What Heidstra Saw
         (Heidstra's steps are retraced, camera and stopwatch in hand.)

Red Tile Roofs*
          (The place that Heidstra describes as the gate slam is Karpf's gate, not Nicole's.)

Little Black Dog/"Three Thumps"*
          (Two details are illustrated.)

Gates At Rockingham*
         (The gates at Simpson's estate: much discussed, but nothing suspicious.)

Crime Scene Indications                                                                        

River of blood*
          (Indications of where Goldman thrashed in his own blood; dribbles as his body is carried. More.)

The Smear*
         (The walkway between the victims was wiped up in mid-crime.)

Nicoles Feet*
         (Crime scene photos show abrasions on ankles and legs, as if legs forcibly thrust under fence.)

Nobody Saw
          (Observations of Nicole's neighbor, Tom Lange, imply that there was a lookout at the crime.)

Only Simpson*
          (A number of indications that Goldman was not killed in the alcove where his body was found.)

          (Bloody smears and apparent handprints on Nicole's thigh and upper arm.)

Tracking in Blood (Imprinted Patterns)
          (Killer's invisible footprints - the foot covering.)


The Other front Door*
          (The door through which Nicole came to her doom is about 20' west of the front of the condo.)

Time to Drive the 405 Freeway
          (A re-creation shows that the Browns’ trip home could be naturally done in 63 minutes.)

Four Men banging on a Wall
         (Post facto experiments to shake Kato's wall via his own property, not over neighbor's fence.)

Over the Salinger's Fence*
          (Simpson got to Kato's wall via his own property, not over neighbor's fence.)

Too Little Blood in the Bronco*
          (Two drops of victom's blood after commiting a double knife murder? C'mon!)

The "Planted" 5-Drop Trail*
          (Evidence is consistant with a wounded man, carrying a glove, walking down Nicole's walk.)

What if Juditha Hadn't Called*
         (How the killer's plot could tolerate deviations from their expectations.)

Broad Brush Conclusion
          (How can one believe in this "over complicated" scenario?)

Pilnak's Porch*
          (No contradiction between Fenjves, who heard the Akita, and Pilnak, who did not.)

Petrocelli's Goofy Idea*
          (The gates at Simpson's estate: much discussed, but nothing suspicious.)

Petrocelli's Goofy Idea (part two) *
          (Simpson did not go over the Salingers' fence, but got back home by pushing through his gate.)


Starting Timeline
          (Two independent paths give the same time of the murders: 10:09.)

Starting Timeline part 2
         (Inferring what the dog's experience might have been.)

Ending Timeline
         (Simpson at footprint "M" at 10:35; consistent with three independent witnesses.)

Micro-Timeline, The Murders*
         (A fatefull minute and a half.)

Heidstra/Shively Timeline*
         (Dovetailing of these two witnesses' observations is near perfect.)

Comprehensive Timeline
          (Putting it all together.)

Time Uncertainties
         (If two poor time estimates of the same event are combined, the uncertainty is reduced.)

Heidstra Timeline*
          (Could Hey, Hey, Hey have been Goldman/Simpson?)

Simpson's Timeline at Bundy*
(If Simpson visited Bundy after the fact, there is a 5 to 10 minute front end gap in his time.)

A Cast of Five
          (A detailed scenario of events on Bundy in which all the witnesses can be believed -- absent
            irresolvable contradictions -- and which is consistent with all of the physical realities of the situation.)



  Free Money
          (Innocently taking the first step on that slippery slope.)

Handing off the Problem
        (Intention to make a professional resolution of a dispute first surfaces.)

Getting Serious
         (How a professional sizes up the situation.)

The Host
          (How Juditha "lost" her glasses and was "encouraged" to call for them later.)

Critical Phase
          (Why Nicole changed her plans for getting back the glasses in a 3 minute span.)

The Luring Phone Call
         (How Simpson was induced to go to Bundy and get the murder glove.)

          (Why Simpson never later admitted to an after-the-fact visit to Bundy.)


Faye Resnick, Author*
         (Nicole's brief house guest and "best friend" just before the murders.)

Kardashian's "Involvment"
          (Simpson's steadfast pal and constant companion throughout the ordeal.)

Simpson's Character*
          (Principle charicter, instant suspect, and double defendant.)

Kato's Unwitting Complicity*
          (Unconventional house guest had more experiences than he told of.)

Henry Lee's Book*
         (Forensic pathologist with 50 page curriculum vitae shot himself in the foot.)

Bodziak's Book*
          (FBI specialist: Footwear analysis. Identified size 12 Bruno Maglis.)

Mario Nitrini & Rocky Bateman
          (Bateman was Simpson's long time limo driver.)

Tom Lange, Nicole's Neighbor
          (Nicole's neighbor makes an odd observation.)

Heidstra on E!*
          (Where was the sound that Heidstra heard?)

Steven Schwab: Strange Encounter*
          (Schwab's estimation of time when he met Akita is good, and matches Heidstra's timeline.)

Louis Karpf*
          (Karpf was in front of his building dealing with the Akita when Heidstra heard "Hey, hey, hey".)

Bosco at Starbucks*
          (Simpson case author shares some unpublished results of his investigations.)

Karpf's Flight Home*
           (Karpf offered seriously mistaken testimony concerning his time of arriving at LAX.)

John DeBello*
          (Mezzaluna manager was in a position to steer events.)

The Simpson Interview Tape *
          (On his self-promoting video Sinpson gives some facts in spite of himself.)

Kato's Successor*
      (Relationship between Nicole and Goldman was similar to that between Nicole and Kato earlier.)


Jill Shively                                                                                               

Remembering Jill Shively*

Selling Your Story

Shively/Simpson Encounter (map)*

BC124652 Blockbuster

Right Before Our Eyes*

Time of Jill's Statements

Bill Wasz                                                                                                  

The Wasz Documents*

Controlling What You Can Know

Boyarsky Article

Longo Proffer


1994 Calander*
          (Key events highlighted.)

         (Sunset/moonset on 6/12/94.)

The Bodziac Diagram*
          (Details of he bloody Bruno Magli trail, 5-drop blood trail.)

Parking at Mezzaluna
          (Valet parking was advertised then.)

Purported GTE Phone Bill*
          (Phone calls from the Browns' Dana Point home.)

Heaving 175 Pounds
          (Not too tough for a husky young man who is very fit.)

Kitty Genovese
          (Sometimes people "don't want to get involved".)

Satellite View*
         (A satellite view of the Bundy neighborhood around Nicole's condo.)

National Enquirer, 10/26/93*
          (Article may have been planted to keep Nicole an OJ mum about a dispute with the planters.)

License Plates*
          (Unlikely that Shively could have got Simpson's license plate number from TV.)

The Bundy Gorham Curve*

The Rockingham Layout*
            (A comprehensive tour of Simpson's Rockingham estate -- as it really was.)

Attorney's Tactics                                                                                    


The Grand Defense Strategy


Day into Night*
(Artists rendition: How the crime scene looked at night.)

A Killers Posture*
          (An Illustration: How a proffesional killer kills with a knife.)

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