Comprehensive Timeline


Simpson and Kardashian have been involved in illegal activities (money laundering and sports betting) with mobsters. Nicole knows about this, and has used the threat of exposing Simpson to get a favorable marital settlement out of him; Simpson does not understand the seriousness of Nicole's threat to talk, and dismisses the whole issue. In late 1993 the mob becomes impatient with Simpson's unwillingness to deal with the problem, and plots to kill Nicole with Wasz, who is also to be sacrificed, at Simpson's estate as a warning to Simpson and Kardashian. The plot fails, and the mob redoubles their effort. They now plot to kill Nicole and frame Simpson as a warning to the two survivors. They will use their own people, and a Westside insider, Margot, with whom they have long been associated. Margot knows Nicole and knows all of her friends, knows Simpson too, and has contacts to get Simpson's schedule, and influence the relationship between the divorced couple through social intrigue. She becomes the crime's "Project Manager." In the critical phase, she will depend on "Gus" and "Steve," who are both with the mob, to conduct the actual murders.


May 5, 1994 -- "Margot" (crime's Project Manager) visits Simpson on set of Frogman Steals gloves and cap, gets him to buy "serious killer knife."
June 3, 1994 -- Faye moves into Nicole's condo, begins reporting to Margot
Faye steals condo key, gives to Margot June 8, 1994 -- Faye's intervention session, Gus visits condo, disables unlatcher
June 9, 1994 -- Faye goes into rehab
June 10, 1994 -- Margot and Gus test cell phone connections, Mezzaluna to condo
June 11, 1994 -- O.J. gets into town, takes Paula to fundraiser
June 11, 1994 -- Nicole changes dinner plans from Michael Jackson's to Mezzaluna
June 12, 1994 -- O.J. hopes to go to Nicole's dinner party, has not made other plans.

TIMELINE: EARLY PART Sunday June 12, 1994, evening

6:30 -- Nicole's dinner party arrives at Mezzaluna Restaurant
6:45 -- The host says to Juditha, "Call later. We will find them for you,"
before glasses are missing
8:30 -- Nicole's dinner party leaves Mezzaluna. Parents/sisters drive to Orange County
8:35 -- Nicole and children arrive at ice cream parlor across from Mezzaluna
8:45 -- Nicole and children go to car to drive home
8:50 -- Killer "Gus" watching from car on Bundy sees Nicole get home (house lights go on)
8:55 -- Sydney gets call from Simpson saying he's leaving for Chicago; Nicole knows she's now alone
9:00 -- Nicole gets phone call from Faye
9:12 -- Faye calls Margot to tell that Nicole is home and not expecting guests that night
9:15 -- Rachelle's parents show up at condo to claim her
9:20 -- Margot, at Mezzaluna, tosses glasses she got from host into street in
front of restaurant
9:30 -- Rachelle and her parents leave Nicole's condo
9:34 -- Browns arrive home in Dana Point
9:35 -- Nicole draws bath, expecting to go to bed by 10:00
9:37 -- Juditha phones Mezzaluna from Dana Point inquiring about glasses
9:40 -- Gus slips into Nicole's front yard with key provided by Faye days earlier Helper "Steve" slips behind bushes beside intercom to wait for Goldman
9:42 -- Juditha phones Nicole to tell her about the eyeglasses
9:43 -- Margot (at Mezzaluna) calls Gus to tell him glasses have been found at restaurant
9:44 -- Ron makes plans to meet friends at Baja Cantina later
9:45 -- Gus calls Nicole, only breathing, and causes garage door to operate ("mommy cried")
9:45 -- At Rockingham, O.J. and Kato part company
9:46 -- Nicole, frightened, calls Mezzaluna, asks Ron to bring the glasses that night, forgets bath
9:46 - 10:02 -- Simpson packs for his trip
9:48 -- Hoping to persuade Goldman to stay the night, Nicole sets up living room romantically
9:50 -- Ron leaves work, walks home
9:52 -- Ron arrives home, prepares himself for impromptu date with Nicole
9:55 -- Gus "adjusts" front gate so it appears to be locked, but is not
10:03 -- O.J. at Rockingham makes call to Paula on his cell phone
10:04 -- Ron leaves his apartment for Nicole's
10:08 -- Rosa Lopez sees Bronco parked at its Rockingham gate place
10:09 -- Ron at Nicole's gate, Nicole is relieved to have company, happily flies to greet him (Last sounds within condo, starts dog's 5 minute clock for "suspicious silence")
10:11 -- Murders finished, killers leave
10:13 -- Gus calls Margot to tell her the Bundy part of plan is a success


10:14 -- Start of luring phone call, Margot to Simpson
10:14 -- Dog awakes, goes to investigate cause of silence
10:17 -- End of phone call, Margot to Simpson; he's been told Nicole murdered, his glove there
10:18 -- Dog has passed through scene, begins to howl from alley; Fenjves and Stein hear him
10:19 -- Simpson checks; his gloves are missing from pocket of his pea jacket as Margot said
10:20 -- Dog moves to mouth of alley, Storfer hears him (intervening bldgs prevent Pilnak from hearing)
10:22 -- Simpson has armed self, leaves Rockingham in Bronco
10:23 -- Park arrives at Rockingham, sees no Bronco
10:25 -- Margot calls KNBC to report "two Westside bodies" Station calls LAPD to check
10:26 -- Dog, still at alley but exhausted, pauses in barking; Aaronson can't see paw prints in pink light
10:28 -- Simpson parks in alley behind condo, reconnoiters, clambers over gate, cuts finger
10:31 -- Simpson at scene of corpses, horrified, recovers bloody glove, doesn't know about other items
10:32 -- Heidstra hears dog "barking crazy" in Bundy, goes into alley instead.
10:35 -- Bundy motorists stop for crazy dog in street, one yells at him, Heidstra hears from
east alley
10:35 -- Simpson, limping along walk toward west alley; hears "Hey, hey, hey," looks back toward Bundy
10:37 -- Heidstra sees Simpson fleeing in Bronco; Simpson sees Heidstra and turns south
10:37 - Steven Schwab, walking his dog, is two blocks away, at Gretna Green and Montana
10:39 Park repositions limo, still sees no Bronco, goes to Ashford gate
10:39 -- Shively nearly collides with Simpson at Bundy & San Vicente
10:44 -- Simpson arrives back at Rockingham, parks at Rockingham gate
10:45 -- Simpson gets book bag out of Bentley, puts gun in Bentley
10:46 -- Simpson pounds on Kato's wall, hoping to cause distraction, loses
10:47 -- At Bentley, Simpson removes shoes, puts into book bag, waits for
Kato's distraction
10:55 -- Park sees "shadowy figure" as Simpson goes into house; "distraction" has failed
11:05 -- Simpson recovers book bag containing shoes from shadows by Bentley
11:10 -- Park leaves, limo lights are now transverse to Rockingham, can't see if Bronco is there
11:18 -- Simpson throws book bag from limo on 405 freeway, it's quickly
recovered by motorist


Gus burglarizes Faye's papers, steals incriminating diary
Margot gives anonymous tip to LAPD about Ross Cutlery
Zlomsowitch and DeBello guess the truth, try to fade away

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (1/05/99) TIMELIN2.TXT

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