You say (among other things) "No one has shown exactly how Simpson could have gone into the house and done what he would have had to have done in five minutes or less."

    No one has explicitly done this, because everyone thought that it was self-evident to anyone with more imagination than a gopher. Since you have some question, I will lay it out specifically, and then we will not have to wonder about this point any more. Counting time in minutes from closing the front door behind himself, Simpson did the following:ojhous~5.jpg (27691 bytes)

    0:00 In foyer wearing shorts, socks, sweat suit. (Shoes are in the book bag by the Bentley.)
    0:07 Enters laundry room, tears off sweat suit and throws it at washing machine. Leaves blood               stain on light switch.
    0:33 Leaves laundry room, goes to foyer with still bleeding finger in mouth.
    0:40 Pauses at foyer intercom to acknowledge Alan Park. Drips blood on floor.
    0:50 Arrives at foot of stairs, goes up to bedroom, finger again in mouth.
    1:02 Arrives in bedroom, tears off socks, goes to bathroom.
    1:09 In bathroom, gets jar of alum from medicine cabinet, begins working on finger with that and               tissue (which is discarded in toilet) to make finger stop bleeding.
    2:30 Wound has stopped bleeding. Goes to wardrobe, puts on shirt, slacks, socks, shoes.
   3:50 Returns to bathroom, brushes hair, washes face, checks finger.
    4:30 Leaves bathroom to go downstairs.
    4:45 Emerges on porch to greet Park, Kato.

    Glad to have been of help, Robert.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (5/29/99) NG_553b

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