Goldman's Last Trip


You have asked for an on-site determination of the time it took for Goldman to go from his car to Nicole's front gate. I made that determination (and more) this afternoon.

THE DRIVE: I approached the area from the east end of Gorham, and thus was able to drive past the approximate location of Goldman's old apartment (per the testimony of Tia Gavin on February 7th) Although I do not know exactly where it was, I think I guessed at a place from her description that was within a hundred yards of the right place. I was interested in seeing how long it would take to drive to the place where Goldman parked at Nicole's condo. (Dorothy Street at the alley.)

There was a delay of 24 seconds for the signal at San Vicente, and another delay of 27 seconds for the boulevard stop (and conflicting traffic) at Gorham and Bundy. The entire trip took 2:57. I consider that at the time Goldman made the trip, he would not have had a delay at Bundy, and so the trip for him would have taken 2:30, subject to some variation at San
Vicente depending on the signal.

THE WALK: I brought with me a number 10 envelope to carry in my left hand, and carried a stopwatch in my right hand. Sitting in the car I picked up the envelope and started the stopwatch at the same time. I then got out, and began to walk toward Nicole's old digs. (I did not take time to lock the car.) Since Nicole's front wall as been moved down to the sidewalk, I could not complete that last 15 feet of the trip, and instead continued 6 steps along the sidewalk past the walk before stopping the stopwatch. (My stride is 2-1/2 feet per step.) The elapsed time was 1:07 minutes. (Which is about twice as long as I would have guessed.)

From all of the foregoing taken together, I think it is reasonable to say that it took Goldman about 5 minutes from the time he left his apartment to the time when he reached Nicole's gate, assuming he went direct, and did not do any other thing along the way. I have previously believed that the earliest that Goldman could have gotten to Nicole's gate was 10:05. I continue to believe that.

NOTES: It appears to me that Nicole's old address of 875 S. Bundy has been changed to 877. I could not find an "875," and saw 871, 877, and 879.

I had previously speculated that the alley behind Nicole's condo did not continue south of Dorothy, but there turned into a driveway. I am not sure. It becomes narrower, it is winding, and it is gravel covered (rather than paved as is Nicole's alley). But, it may go through beyond the curve and out of sight.

I reaffirm my previous idea that the Westward Ho Market is now Whole Foods Market.

I made these observations between 1:42 pm and 1:53 on December 1, 1998.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (12/01/98) NG_489