Heidstra/Shively Timeline


Witness Robert Heidstra testified in the civil trial about as he had in the criminal trial. In the civil trial he said that he entered the alley on the east side of and parallel to Bundy, "Around 10:30, 10:35. Something like that." We have taken this to be 10:32. He walked down the alley to a point opposite Nicole's condo, and there stoped to listen to the dogs barking to the west of him. He said he stayed there listening for about a minute when he
heard a man yell, "Hey, hey, hey," and other sounds. At that point he continued walking until he got to Dorothy, and went east a few yards, stopping under an oak tree to watch and listen more. Of the total time he was in the alley, he says, "about three, four, five minutes. Something like that." He waited under the oak tree for "a minute or a minute and a half" when he saw a "white SUV" approach on Dorothy, pause at Bundy, and turn right to race south on Bundy.heidst_t.gif (54520 bytes)

It is of interest to know, if it was Simpson Heidstra saw in the white SUV, how long would it have taken him to drive from southbound on Bundy at Dorothy, to where Shively saw him at Bundy and San Vicente. I did a re-creation by driving the streets of Brentwood on a Sunday night. Three likely routes were tried, and the time to get between the two points was two minutes, give or take 15 seconds.

In Shively's grand jury testimony, she gave facts from which Marcia Clark re-created the time at which Simpson entered the intersection of Bundy and San Vicente as 10:49. However, Clark at that time knowingly withheld from the grand jury the fact that this estimate failed to include a known clock error of "eight to ten minutes, fast," which Jill Shively has since described to us in personal correspondence. When a ten minute clock error is applied to Marcia Clark's re-creation, Simpson entered the intersection at 10:39. Shively also said that Simpson was at that intersection for about a minute.

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