A Killers Posture

THE PICTURE: Some years ago I operated a graphics business. Neighborhood print shops brought me handwritten copy and what art the customer could supply, and I would turn that into a camera-ready version. During that activity I got a job to prepare an illustrated program for a forthcoming martial arts festival in which practitioners in various specialties would illustrate their techniques -- short of mayhem. One of the specialties illustrated was "military martial arts," and the associated picture is what I show here ["Killer.jpg]".killer.jpg (23518 bytes)

    I recalled this picture during my analysis of the Simpson case when it appeared that professional killers had done the job. As I consider that a "Mafia killer" and a "military killer" are both professionals, I think it is possible that they would approach the task of killing a victim with a knife in similar ways, if the needs of the situation were the same. So, I look to this picture to see one "professional" way to kill with a knife.

    SIMILARITIES: Notice that the victim is seated, the killer is squatting behind. (We recall coroner Laksmanan’s description of   "threatening wounds" to Goldman’s neck -- presumably early, before the action got furious -- and see that these could have been inflicted to make Goldman comply with a command to sit.) With these postures for victim/killer, the victim’s legs are useless, out in front of himself, while the killer’s legs are able to assert their full power in the squatting position. The victim’s arms are nearly useless in contending with a threat from behind; they can only have an effect against the killer’s hands and forearms that reach around in front of him. And, if he attempts to protect himself in that way, the killer can move the knife a few inches and attack the victim’s hands and arms. (Remember that Ron’s hands and arms were covered with numerous defensive wounds.)

    The killer’s left hand is over the victim’s mouth, and if the Bundy killer also did this, we would have an explanation for why no screams (from Goldman) were heard.

    DIFFERENCES: But, the evidence in the aftermath of the Bundy murders shows that killer used a variation on this pose. In this photograph we see that the killer is menacing the victim’s throat with the knife. The Bundy killer reached over his own left wrist with the knife and attacked the left side of Goldman’s head and neck. (He could have used the hand over Goldman’s mouth to exert control to tilt the head to the right, and better expose the left side of the neck.)

    A second difference from this picture is that this victim is sitting upright, and somewhat leaning back. From the distribution of blood on Goldman’s clothes and face, we know that he was bent forward -- nearly double. If anything, this would further compromise the victim, insofar as he would have trouble breathing, and would loose any small hope he would otherwise have of mobilizing his legs. In his flailing defense in such a position, Goldman would doubtless try an underhand reach behind himself (among anything else he could try) and in doing that could bang up his knuckles on the walk -- as was seen at postmortem.

    CONCLUSION: The postures inferred from analysis of the blood distribution on Goldman are in good agreement with the postures that a professional killer would be familiar with… Victim seated, bent nearly double, killer behind/above squatting, left hand over victim’s mouth, bending the head to the right, knife in the killer’s right hand attacking the left side of victim’s head/neck.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys (1/03/02) NG_736.txt

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