The Luring Phone Call

I consider that the hard evidence, when correctly interpreted,
leads to the conclusion that 1) the Bundy crimes were completed and the killers gone by 10:15 at the latest (10:07 at earliest), 2) that Simpson left that location at exactly 10:35, and 3) that during the time the dog went through the crime scene no living person (including Simpson) was present. The barriers to believing this are: 1) the apparently contradictory witnesses to the "barking dog" testimony, and 2) the interpretation that what Heidstra heard was the crime being committed. Elsewhere I have resolved both of these problems. This then leaves one in the position of believing that Simpson may have been "lured" to the scene after the murders were committed, as by a phone call. (Other explanations for the 10:15/10:35 time dislocation are possible in which Simpson himself committed the crimes, but these seem less likely.) The circumstances of such a phone call would necessarily have caused Simpson to believe that a bloody glove he found at the scene was his own, and would have given him a powerful reason not to talk about his visit afterward.

In the candidate phone call I develop here, the caller is a woman named "Margot" whom Simpson knows somewhat. Within the call she creates an irrational concept that Simpson himself is really responsible for Nicole's death. This is similar to the mother who says, "If I had only given her hot cereal for breakfast she would have left five minutes later and not been hit by the train. It's my fault she's dead!" Such thoughts are crazy, but some people think powerfully that way. If they did not, kidnappers would never get a dime.

Unlike the 10:15/10:35 time premise described in the first
paragraph above, the existence of a luring phone call, its contents, and the character of the caller are purely speculative. Since the function of the call is motivational, its credibility depends on the specific words spoken. To portray this, I have chosen the play form, even though it is an unfamiliar
format to me.



Margot was a woman who traveled on the fringe of Brentwood society. She was pleasant, educated, well dressed, but secretive. Many people knew her name, but no one knew much about her. She did not go to parties, or work out, or jog, or do any of the fashionable things. She was only known in public places -- restaurants mostly -- and the Mezzaluna was among her hangouts. Within a segment of the entertainment industry it was known that she could "arrange" things, for a fee. In one case, a member of the paparazzi who had been annoying a well known movie star was assaulted and his knee caps broken. In another case a wealthy divorced woman's child had been abducted by her ex-husband, and after six months the police still did not have a clue. But 48 hours after Margot was consulted the child was back home. Margot "arranged" things. She was not known to be involved in the drug world, but with Margot, you never could be sure. She also could invest a moderately rich person's money, and performed this service for O.J. Simpson.

Margot had an unusual offer for investors. She said she invested their money with her Las Vegas associates who were engaged in enterprises for which conventional financing was not available. The standard contract was $100,000 and an investor who put that in would get $150,000 back in 90 days (3 months.) Of the proceeds, $100,000 would be returned in cash, and $50,000 was kept in the investor's account. The next time an investment opportunity came up, the investor would be asked for $50,000 and that would be combined with the $50,000 in his account; 90 days later there would be a $150,000 payday, of which $100,000 was retained in his account and $50,000 was returned in cash. Beyond that point, the investor had his original cash back in his pocket and later contracts were financed entirely out of his account with no more effort on his part than initialing a one paragraph agreement that came in the mail, and was returned. Simpson had been involved in four completed contracts, of which the last two produced $50,000 checks, and on June 12th, 1994 he was 30 days from the completion of a fifth contract that would produce another such check. It was like free money. But secret; nobody was really sure what Margot was involved in, or what the investment money financed.

Margot also had a small dispute with Simpson over a drug debt, but it was so petty it amounted to a joke. It really had more provided an excuse for her to banter with him than been a debt she wanted to recover. Some time earlier, when O.J. and Nicole were together, Nicole had got cocaine for friends, and when the couple split up Nicole refused to pay because she claimed O.J. was responsible for debts incurred when they were together, and O.J. refused to pay because the goods had been delivered to Nicole. The drug dealer had sold the debt to Margot, and now it amounted to $8,800. Margot contacted O.J. for the sum once or twice a month, and the exchanges had always been good-natured, but contentious.


May 5, 1994, 9:00 am, in Simpson's portable dressing room on the
location set of "Frogmen" in downtown Los Angles.

SIMPSON: (Looks up startled at someone entering his tiny dressing

MARGOT: (Grinning) Hey, Juice!

SIMPSON: Oh, God. Margot. How'd you get in?

MARGOT: I told them I was a dear personal friend of the star.

SIMPSON: (Returning to mirror.) Well, I hope you don't think I've
got the 8800 with me right now.

MARGOT: I wish I could get you to understand, O.J. I originally
bought that paper to keep them from screwing with Nic. You know, they were
going to make an example of her. They were going to bring in east coast

SIMPSON: (Unconcerned) This is not a good time to make a pitch about


SIMPSON: Aw, she's startin' to get bitchy again. I don't know what
the hell she wants. There's no pleasing her.

MARGOT: Yeah. Well, about the 8800. At the time, you felt
different. And, you know those Jersey mobsters are pure animals. They
could carve her up so she'd have real bad scars: a happy face on one tit,
and a sad face on the other. (Laughs.) With her nipples for the noses. I
heard they were planning to do that. They say that collections have been
bad on the Westside. They wanted an example everybody knew. I saved her
from it for you O.J.

SIMPSON: (Incredulous) Over 8800?

MARGOT: An example, O.J. That's what they were saying. Everybody
knows Nic. It wasn't the amount, it was that everbody knows her.

SIMPSON: (Shrugs) Yeah, well like I say, I don't feel so protective
right now.

MARGOT: Why the hell am I supposed to get stuck with it? I thought
I was doing you a favor.

SIMPSON (Luaghs) A business reversal, Margot. Shit, you probably
got so much money 8800 is down past the decimal point.

MARGOT: It's the principle.

SIMPSON: (Gets up and starts to pull off his shirt.) Yeah. Well I
got my principles too. I never ordered the goods, and they were never
delivered to me.

MARGOT: You were paying the bills then.

SIMPSON (Pulling on black turtle neck sweater) I'm not paying her
bills now.

MARGOT: (Considers it, as she watches Simpson dress) Well, you're
right about one thing. The 8800 is down past the decimal point. I get to
meet a lot of people. In the beginning I thought that meeting rich people
like you was big time. Then I found out that some people are more than
rich, they're wealthy. And now, I find out that some are at the very top:
they're gods. Gods gotta eat, too, O.J. And they need their pleasures, and
they have their special problems, and need somebody like me who knows what's
happening in Jersey.

SIMPSON: (Smirks as he unfastens his pants) And so now your working
for the gods, huh Margot?

MARGOT: WITH the gods, O.J. I work with them. You can not believe
how they run things. They decide who's gonna be mayor, whose gonna be
president. They pump out the money for the TV ads and the dumb moo cows
vote like they're told. The gods own the damned country, O.J. They can do
what ever they want.

SIMPSON: You think so, huh?

MARGOT: I'm telling you, O.J. When the gods speak, things happen.
Anything happens. You definitely do not make the gods unhappy.

SIMPSON: (Pulling on black pants) Yeah? Well I know some pretty
wealthy people myself, and I wouldn't call 'em gods.

MARGOT: (Looking at him puzzled) What are you made up as?

SIMPSON: (Laughs) Frogman. Mr. Macho. Big time killer.

MARGOT: (Laughs) You look more like a frog than a killer to me.
Face it, O.J. you're over the hill.

SIMPSON: (Makes some sudden karate moves) Naw. I'm still the old
Juice. I can take care of whatever comes along.

MARGOT: Oh yeah? You think you could've handled those Jersey
mobsters yourself?


MARGOT: They got knives, O.J.

SIMPSON: Shit; I got knives. I'm a director of the Swiss Army Knife
Company. They give me lots of knives.

MARGOT: (Laughs disdainfully) Boy Scout knives! I mean killer
knives. You got a killer knife, O.J.?

SIMPSON: Well. They're not exactly Boy Scout knives. They're
serious knives.

MARGOT: Naw, O.J. There's a knife store over across the street.
You go look over there when you get a chance. They got serious killer
knives. If you're gonna get stubborn with the Jersey mobsters you gotta
have somethin' more than a Boy Scout knife.

(Pounding on dressing room door, and voice calling, "Mr. Simpson.
On the set.")

SIMPSON. (Smoothing out his clothes, and then heading past her for
the door.) Look Margot. I'll catch you another time. I got to go to work.

MARGOT: (When door closes, looks around dressing room, sees pea
jacket hanging on back of chair, probes pockets, finds old pair of gloves,
inspects them, puts them in her purse. Sits down in chair and lights a
cigarette to wait for Simpson to return.)

Margot will stay in the dressing room for several hours, continuing to banter with Simpson as he comes and goes. He will express outrage that she has stunk up his dressing room with cigarette smoke, she will continue teasing him about visiting the nearby store to buy a knife. In the end, she will leave only after he buys a "serious killer knife," and after she has also purloined a knit cap from his dressing room. She will not have any other contact with him until the telephone call on the night of June 12th.



Simpson received a phone call at his Rockingham estate at 10:14 pm.,
June 12, 1994. At the moment, he was going through his little black book,
trying to plan a strategy for connecting with any available woman in Chicago Monday night.

SIMPSON: (Answering phone) Yeah?

MARGOT: (Smirking) If you're in jail when your contract pays off,
I'll send your check to Skip.


MARGOT: You stupid black moron. You've done it now. It's all

SIMPSON: Margot. When are you gonna grow up and...

MARGOT: I'm not calling about the stupid 8800, you criminal. You
listen just as good as you can, because THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PHONE

You think everybody loves you, but certain people think you are a
disgusting piece of slime. Loud, vulgar, a sub-human black animal. The
popularity king of the stupid sports masses. And certain people think that
a white girl that would sell her body to an ugly assed black ape is the
lowest kind of a slut. And one that would let his little bastards grow
inside of her body...

SIMPSON: All right, Margot. I've heard this kind of bullshit all my
life; as perverted as you are...

MARGOT: The most important phone call of your ugly life, moron.

Certain people say that you took a decent blond girl and ruined her.
Destroyed her. Took her all the way down to the gutter. And then she
parades around and struts...

SIMPSON: Who? Who says that?

MARGOT: And certain people finished it for you. THE GODS say that,
O.J. The gods killed her because of what you did with her.

SIMPSON: What the fuck are you talking about, slut? Nic? I just
saw her with my own eyes this afternoon. She was her usual bitchy self.

MARGOT: (Laughs) Take a look at her now, you ugly black monkey.
She's not so pretty any more. See what you've done to her at last. You did
it, O.J. You did it to her. If you'd never messed with that pretty blond
body, she'd still be alive and happy now. It's your fault. Your guilt....

SIMPSON: What the fuck are you talking about, bitch?

MARGOT: (Laughs again) And the best part, the very best part, is
that you're going down for it. She's been butchered like a fat blond pig,
and you're going to fry for it. Yes you are, you loud-mouthed black son-of
a bitch. Fry for it. If it was not for what YOU did to her, she'd be alive
and happy now.

But, the gods want to give you a running chance. You know how to
run, don't you Juice? So here's your chance to get away with murder. At
this moment one of the gloves from the pocket of your pea jacket is soaked
with your wife's hot blood, laying on her shoulder. If you get down there
before the cops find her, you might just get away with what you did to her.
A running chance, Juice. (Laughs maniacally) And they made it easy for you
O.J. Real easy; they left Nicole's front gate open for you; wide open.
Just walk right in and see for yourself what you've done. Better take your
"killer knife" with your, just in case...

SIMPSON: (Shaken) Margot? What kind of bullshit...

MARGOT: Since you are not bright enough to think of it yourself, I
should tell you: don't try to call the condo. Nicole's not alive to answer,
and if it rings a lot you might wake the kids. Believe me, Juice, you
wouldn't want them to find her that way. Who are you gonna kill next, O.J.?

SIMPSON: What, where....

MARGOT: Instead, just check the pocket of your pea jacket and see if
your gloves are still there. If they're not, then get up on your old NFL
legs and go just as fast as they will take you. Go get your glove before
anybody finds out what you've finally done to your little blond sweety. Oh,
the TV cameras are going to love this one! And the tabloids: "The Juice
Butchers Blond Mate; His Own Kids' Mom."

You ugly stupid animal. You've finally done it. And the gods want
to see if you can get away with it. If you can still run like you used to.
This time run from murder. Come on Juice; let's see you run.

(Hangs up laughing.)



10:09 -- Goldman pages Nicole from gate (Start 5 min. clock
for dog's interest)
10:11 -- Crimes completed, killers flee
10:13 -- Killers call Margot from car on cell phone
10:14 -- Start of phone call, Margot to
10:14 -- Dog awakes, goes to investigate cause of silence
10:17 -- End of phone call, Margot to
10:18 -- Dog has passed through scene, begins to howl from
10:22 -- Simpson arms self, leaves
Rockingham in Bronco
10:28 -- Simpson parks in alley behind condo, reconnoiters,
clambers over gate
10:35 -- Simpson has retrieved glove, starting down walk;
hears "Hey, hey, hey."
10:37 -- Heidstra sees Simpson fleeing in Bronco
10:39 -- Shively nearly collides with Simpson at Bundy & San
10:44 -- Simpson arrives back at Rockingham
10:46 -- Simpson pounds on Kato's wall to cause distraction,
loses glove
10:55 -- Park sees "shadowy figure"

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (11/06/98) FONCALL0.TXT