The Main Idea

    [The following is a reply to a correspondent who asked for my basic understanding of the crime. He has asked that he remain un-named.]

    You say that you think Simpson was framed, and ask me for my "actual theory." It is a challenge to boil so much down into a thumbnail sketch, but I will try.

    WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: The evidence presented in court tells me some things with very high confidence, but does not tell me everything. But from that I know the following:

    1) Simpson was at the scene of the crime that Sunday night, at or after the time the victims were killed.

    2) The victims were killed at about 10:09 to 10:10.

    3) Simpson left the scene (was at Bruno Magli footprint "M") at 10:35.

    4) Simpson has not admitted (except in a disputed tabloid article this June) being at Bundy that night.

    From the foregoing, I conclude that Simpson was caused to go ("lured") to Bundy after the victims had been killed and take away his own incriminating right hand glove, but that there are compelling circumstances that cause him not to talk about it.

    From the evidence, I also believe (5) that Goldman was attacked and killed on the front walk just east of the gate, and (6) after he was dead his body was heaved into the alcove where it was found. I also believe that the evidence shows that Nicole's killer rendered her unconscious by perforating her carotid artery, and after she had fallen (7) composed her into roughly a kneeling position with her head over the first step. With her in this position, he slashed her throat, (8) set the knife he had used on the second step, and composed her body in the position in which it was later found, (9) jamming her feet and legs under the little piece of fence on the south to keep her from flailing around in death spasms. I think that while he was doing this, an accomplice was butchering around Ron's left neck, a yard or so away. At the end, Nicole's killer joined his accomplice in the attack on Ron, and administered the four deep stab wounds to his body and five testing wounds to his cheek, before dumping his corpse in the alcove. I think the entire crime -- both victims -- was done in 1:20 minutes. From this I conclude that the murders were carefully planned and skillfully executed by professional killers of the highest expertise, and done in such a way as to deliberately frame Simpson for the crimes.

But, the evidence does not tell me everything: Who did the murders and why, how Simpson was lured to go to the scene, and why he did not tell about it later. So I have speculated on a cause that is consistent with what is actually known of the situation in the spring of 1994, and allowing for the fact that there may have been secrets in Simpson's life (and Nicole's) at that time, that are not known. I will tell you my speculation, but quickly admit that someone else's speculation might be better, as long as it matches the conclusions of the preceding paragraph that I am led to from the evidence.

    I think that in the late summer of 1993 Simpson was put in contact with East-coast mobsters (of the gambling variety) by his friend Kardashian who knew such people by way of his long career in the music business. Simpson undertook to steer wealthy sportsmen ("high rollers") he met on the celebrity golf courses to a world class bookmaking ring which had (800) phone numbers, web site, off-shore banking, and the very best accountants, computer systems, and communications network. But, in the fall of 1993 Nicole got wind of this arrangement and went ballistic at the prospect that her own gravy train would get derailed, a la Pete Rose. She prevailed on Simpson to withdraw from the mob and renounce it to the contacts he had previously made. The mob was angry, but Nicole threatened to spill the beans if they did not let O.J. go quietly. The mob and Nicole came to an "understanding" by the end of 1993. But, it is not the mob's way to dance to an outsider's tune, and especially a woman's. So, they hatched a plot.

    The first manifestation of the mob's plan was the ill-fated "Wasz plot" in January of 1994. The net result of that was that Bill Wasz went to prison, but left behind circumstances that appeared to implicate Kardashian and Barbieri in a plan to murder Nicole at the beginning of 1994. I am not sure whether the "Wasz plot" was ever intended to result in Nicole's murder, or only in the creation of these implicating circumstances. In early February, the mob took the first actions toward the eventual (June, 1994) action. They put John De Bello into the Mezzaluna as "co-manager," from which place he could have an intimate connection with the Brentwood scene. He recruited a local woman I have called "Margot" who was well known in the community as a person who could "arrange" things. John also hired Ron Goldman as a waiter. In fact, Goldman was hired to be a "sacrificial goat" in the June crime, even though his exact role was not known in February. Shortly after, a mob enforcer and professional killer I have called "Gus" came to Brentwood to scope out the problem and conceive a definite plan to kill Nicole.

    On May 5, 1994, Margot visited Simpson at the downtown L.A. location shoot for "Frogmen" and at that time stole the gloves and cap that would later be planted at the crime scene, and induced Simpson to buy a knife just like the ones that would be used in the crime. Simpson had no idea of what lay ahead, and did not know about Nicole's murder until a few minutes after it had been accomplished. In early June, Margot induced her friend Faye Resnick to move in (briefly) to Nicole's place. Unwittingly, coke dazed Faye was Margot's mole, right inside Nicole's household in the few critical days before the crime. Through her, Margot learned the usual procedures (what time the kids went to bed, where the dog slept, etc.) and was able to influence events there (e.g., where Nicole would take her family to dinner after the recital, and whether O.J. would be invited.) On the night that Nicole took Faye away from the condo to the "intervention," Margot knew of the fact, and Gus visited the condo to disable the gate unlatcher -- a critical element of the plan that had to be done late in the process when it would be unlikely to be repaired by the fateful moment.

    On the night of the crime, Nicole turned out the downstairs lights and the porch light and went upstairs to prepare to go to bed. She turned down the bed, turned on the TV in her bedroom, and drew a bath. Then the call from her mother about the glasses at 9:42. Within seconds of that call, Gus, from the alley behind the condo made a cell phone call to Nicole, said a few threatening words, and used the stolen garage door opener (remember that?) to cause the garage door to open and close. Nicole was scared witless that a man with deadly intentions had entered her condo. She threw on a robe, went downstairs, and looked from the kitchen toward the garage door. As one who whistles going past a graveyard, she took the ice cream from where she had put it in the freezer, and with that went down the stairs to check on the door to the garage. In the course of that she set the ice cream on the banister, and forgot about it. Back in the kitchen, she took out a butcher knife as the only protection she could find. But then remembered her mother's call about the glasses. Although it had been the plan when she talked to her mother to pick up the glasses the following day, if she could catch Ron Goldman before he left work, she could have him deliver them that night, and she would at least not be alone. She put such a plan into motion, and then threw on the dress she had worn that evening, and hurried down to make the living room comfortable for Ron, if she could induce him to come in.

    When Ron paged from the gate Nicole told him that the unlatcher was broken, and she would have to come out herself. At that moment, Gus was hiding along her path at the east condo wall, and his helper was lurking in a dark alcove behind the mailbox just four feet from where Ron was at the intercom. Both were armed with knives that were identical to the one that Simpson had bought at Ross Cutlery five weeks earlier. Nicole hurried out the front door to greet Ron at the gate; the children and the dog were asleep in the children's room, upstairs in the back of the condo. The time was 10:09.

    That's my "actual theory," the best that I can boil it down.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (9/22/99) NG_585

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