THE SITUATION: As a result of previous analysis ("Blood on the Step") I demonstrated that when Nicole's throat was slit, she was kneeling at the west end of the front walk, facing west, with her head over the first step. Presumably her killer was squatting above and behind her, using his left hand to hold a handful of her hair to control her head, and wielding the knife in his right hand. She was later found by investigators in this location, but not in this position; her body had been rotated 90 degrees clockwise and turned on its left side between the throat slitting action and the final position. It also appears that her feet and legs were deliberately jammed under the little piece of fence to the south of the front walk, though this point has been contentious. Detractors have claimed that any movements of her body after her throat was slit were due to "death throes," and were not a deliberate action by the killer.

    PHOTOGRAPHIC INDICATION: Now we see an indication in the accompanying photograph, "Nic_0.jpg." nic_0.jpg (39908 bytes)This is a crime scene picture from the sidewalk, enlarged and cropped to highlight Nicole's body. Notice that her right leg is exposed and above the other leg. The upper right thigh is conspicuously blood stained on the front and outer side by a pattern that is about as wide as a handprint. There is a smaller print lower on her right thigh, on the front, and there appears to be a hand print on the front of her upper right arm, near the shoulder. The front of both calves are also stained, but diffusely, as would have been the result of blood flowing on the ground where she was kneeling. Otherwise, Nicole's legs and upper arm appear to be fairly free of blood.

    INTERPRETATION: These blood stains on Nicole's body shown in the photograph are consistent with my concept of events. I believe that,

With the victim kneeling, her head over the first step...   

    1. The assailant twice slit unconscious Nicole's throat with the knife in his right hand.
    2. He reached up and set the knife on the extreme right edge of the second step (see imprint of this in upper right of Figure 13, "Blood on the Step, Part 2")
    3. Holding Nicole's hair in his left hand, the killer grabbed her right biceps, swung her head off the step, and put the upper part of her body into its final position. (There is a patch of blood on the walk behind Nicole's shoulder that is an indication of this movement of her bleeding body.)
    4. The killer then used his left hand to move her legs from an east-west to a north-south orientation, and to jam her legs under the fence, while he continued to steady her by holding her right arm with his right hand.
    5. He snatched from his belt a damp rag that he had brought, and lightly daubed and dragged it around the area between Nicole's head and the threshold to the alcove to obscure the details of the crime, and thereby creating the "blood haze" in that area. (See, Figures 2 and 3 of "The Smear" for an indication of the haze.) He put the rag back in his belt.
    6. The killer recovered his knife, banged it twice on the step, to dislodge some of the blood, then shook his hand a couple of times over Nicole's body to dislodge more loose blood (see Lange & Vannatter, p. 178+2 <top> ). He was then ready to join his accomplice in finishing Goldman off.

    The blood stains on Nicole's extremities seen in the photograph are completely consistent with this simple operation, and are not otherwise so easily explained.

I believe the reason that the killer did this was to immobilize Nicole's body so that death throes would not move or re-orient it from the condition in which he left it. This was necessary for his purpose because half a minute later he would deposit Simpson's right hand glove, then bloodied, on Nicole's shoulder for Simpson to find. If the body thrashed around on it's own, the glove could be dislodged, Simpson would not find it, and an important element of the frame would be spoiled.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (1/08/02) NG_737

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