There has been a question as to the parking situation at the Mezzaluna restaurant. I had seen in 1998 (and photographed in 1999) a sign in front of the front door of the restaurant designating the parking space there to be a "Passenger Loading" zone after 6pm. I also know that the succeeding restaurant (Fuzio) in that location had valet parking, and that valet parking was universal for the upscale restaurants on San Vicente Boulevard. I had therefore asserted that in June of 1994 the Mezzaluna also had the "Passenger Loading" zone designation for the space in front of the front door, and to augment the use of that had valet parking. As reasonable as this is, pedantic doubters have said that since I did not seen the sign and the valet in June 1994, they did not exist at that time.

    Now, a correspondent sends me a link to a restaurant guide that gives a listing for the old Mezzaluna restaurant. The link is at...

and the listing says...

11750 San Vicente Blvd
(310) 447-8667

Reservations Recommended, Valet Parking, Outdoor/Patio Dining

    From this, we see that at the time it folded up, a couple of years after the crime, the Mezzaluna did have valet parking, from which (with the aforementioned other factors) we can conclude that it is a virtual certainty that the Mezzaluna did offer valet parking at the time of the murders.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (7/11/01) NG_723

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