[It is alleged that in mid-1999 Simpson's attorneys filed a petition in federal court in San Angelo, TX to compel the phone company, GTE, that served the Brown family's Dana Point residence to preserve records of calls made from there on June 12, 1994. It is claimed that when those records were reviewed it would be found that Juditha's call to the Mezzaluna occurred much later (near 11:00 o'clock) than the 9:37 pm time claimed in the Simpson trial. This, then would be prima face evidence of Simpson's innocence, since his actions after 11:00 were much observed.]

    [In the course of discussions of this, some have claimed that "technical" phone records (different than the information on a telephone bill) show incoming as well as outgoing calls, and local as well as billable calls. The following note considers that possibility, if applied to phone records of the Brentwood neighborhood, rather than the Dana Point area, as was the subject of the San Angelo petition.]


    I don't know if these comprehensive "technical" records of calls would show incoming as well as outgoing calls, but if they do, my theory of the crime could be proven or disproved quick enough with them.

    According to my understanding of the crime, there should have been a call to Nicole at 9:44 from cellphone "A". That cellphone itself should have received a call two minutes earlier from the Mezzaluna location, probably from another cell phone, "B". "B" also called another cell phone, "C" at 9:50, and at 10:12 "A" called "B." ("C" probably also called "A" immediately after the 9:50 call.) None of these calls lasted much more than a minute, if that. Finally, "C" called Simpson's hard-line at Rockingham at 10:14, and talked for three or four minutes. According to the names I used in my scenario, "A" was used by Gus, and "C" was used by Margot.

    I have always wished that these records had been checked, if they were available. They would not only validate my version of the crime (if I am right), but identify the actual people that I have had to give fictitious names to.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (11/09/99) NG_595d

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