In the summer of 1994, at the height of the Simpson case frenzy, there was a report that Barbieri's car had been stolen, and when it was recovered in the back of that was found a "stalking diary" that purported to record someone's having followed Nicole, and documented their observations. Like so many other reports, it erupted, blew over, and was quickly replaced by some fresh sensation. It was not until much later that I learned that such an incident did happen, the person who had stalked Nicole was named "Bill Wasz" (see photo), and that this happened six months before the Bundy murders, in January of 1994.Bill Wasz

    Information about this incident has dribbled out slowly and variously. (Both Barbieri and Lange&Vannatter mention it in their books.) The first that I saw was a January 12, 1998 column by Bill Boyarsky of the L.A. Times, in which he mentioned an incident of meeting Joe Bosco at the Van Nuys courthouse, and Bosco described to him an investigation of the matter that Bosco was involved in.

    A few months later, in April of 1998, the "Longo proffer" was circulated among internet gossip outlets, and for the first time named Bill Wasz as being the center of the incident (the person who had stolen Barbieri's car and written the diary.) Larry Longo is a Playa Del Rey attorney who was representing Wasz at the time, and the proffer was a brief recitation of what Wasz would tell prosecutors about the incident, if they were interested. In that, Wasz claimed that he had been hired in January 1994 to first stalk Nicole, and he did that; then he was hired to murder Nicole (with a gun in February 1994), but he double crossed Kardashain and backed out.

    The most comprehensive account was published by WorldNetDaily in a series of twelve articles by David Bresnahan in December of 1998. This was the result of actual interviews of Wasz in prison, interviews with other people (including Bosco), and review of documents and other records. It is a very comprehensive and mostly credible account, I think. There is no doubt that Bill Wasz has some connection to the people involved in the Bundy murders, but it could be much debated what that connection is. I have integrated the Wasz account into my own understanding of the crime.

    I have previously shown at our site the Boyarsy article and the Longo proffer, and now reprint the Bresnahan series. It consists of 12 text articles and six graphic images of the actual pages from the stalking diary. At the end of the twelfth article there are instructions for writing yourself to Wasz in prison.

Dick Wagner • Van Nuys, CA (7/24/99) NG_568

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