David L Wagner

David L Wagner

Born in Santa Monica California in the mid fifties, David grew up and lived on both sides of the hill, e.g. West Hollywood and later the San Fernando Valley. About 1965 David took guitar lessons at a little shop on Santa Monica Blvd, just down the street from The Troubadour nightclub. David has continued playing in bands and improving his skill over the ensuing decades.

David has worked in many fields including precious metal refining & smelting and Newspaper production technician. Other occupations run the gamut from box boy, Senior Center cook, to systems administrator for an ISP. He also later received an A.A. degree from LA Valley College as a returning adult student. Leaving the Southern California area in 2005 David resided near Portland Oregon, but found the area although beautiful, too damp and cold. He moved again in 2011 to rural western Arkansas where he currently resides with his wife Martha on 15 acres surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest.

Photos of the property and some of his music can be found on this site.